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Ningxia Pingluo Baojun Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is located in Ningxia, which covers an area of 18,000©O, has over 80 million yuan fixed assets, there are 65 workers in our company, among whom there are over 30 different kinds of the back bone technique of production and 6 advanced technicians. Our company is closely situated at Shizuishan railway station(Baolan railway), it's a hub of communication in Yinbei and convenient for transportation.

The company was founded in 2005. It annually produces 10,000 tons carbon materials, 5,000 tons finished product carbon, 5,000 tons broken carbon and 2,000 tons acid pickling carbon. The products are mainly used for purification of water and gas, solvent recovery, touching coal carrier, desulphurization granular activated carbon from coal, solution de-colorization, deep purification of water for powder and amorphous granular activated carbon. The three categories include dozens of types and the company has condition and ability for experiment and process special activated carbon.

In recent years, with the constant enhancement and consummation of company management system, products have steady quality and are reliable with customers at home and abroad. Because of this, production supplied falls short of demand; with the continuous enlargement of production scale; our company has certain ability of supermarket emergency and great ability of competition.

Ren Zhihua, the company's legal person and Ren Zhiming, the chairman of the board, will warmly welcome friends all over the word to make arrangements and cooperate with each other so that we can develop together.

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Office Add£ºRoom 1913,Idea Centre,Jianfa Metropolis,Jinfeng District,Yinchuan City,Ningxia,China¡¡Zip Code£º750002